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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    wow, i didnt know you still read my blog yueheng. hi2u! how have u been?? and hi2u klar too, and edmond, probably the only 3 people who still read my blog. i am so touched *sobs*

    anyway the navy wing initiation week has been crazy, tonight is going to be the finale, i've slept about a total of 8 hours in the past 4 days, and we're booking out tmr! there are times when i wonder if i've made the right choice in joining the navy, but i guess these are just down periods which hopefully will pass quickly.

    also, i have a stack of books about 10 feet high which require me to study them before the hell that is MSTD, or Midshipman Sea Training Deployment or something like that. So for all you army people out there jealous of the midshipmen, don't be. we sleep less, work more, and do more xiong stuff. and we have worse punishments, i think i have a senior who hasnt gone home for about a month. confinement ftw!

    in another matter, i would like to thank my sister for sending me inspirational messages to help me survive these few days. every night without fail she'll send me one, and when i read it i feel alot better about myself and that my family and especially my sister are standing behind me all the way. thank you shina <3 =) i have the absolute best sister in the world!

    so, in the hopes that i can inspire myself and other people who read this blog too, i shall post my own motivational quote of the post. every post will have one from now on if i remember!

    Quote of the post : If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. - Marcus Aurelius

    this concludes i think, my first ever serious, non-emo post of this blog.

    pehpeh at 6:33 PM

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    hmm, i think its about time to dust the cobwebs off this blog and update this one as i update limpehz as well since i have so "much" free time right now. im fairly sure no one reads this anymore, so im only updating to make myself happy i think.

    as a general update on my life, my profile is wrong, im no longer a student in ACJC, got my A level results which were crap as usual, don't ask, i am now a student in OFFICER CADET SCHOOL which is where im blogging from now, there's a com inside each bunk ftw. i am no longer 17, im 18 going on 19 this year, but my birthday and name, to my astonishment, have not changed. i credit this consistency to my appendix, because i have no idea what it does, but it seldom gets credit, like my spleen, and it hasn't failed at its unknown job yet, so thank you appendix!

    i am also now a slave to our government, i am a RSN regular, for the uninformed, RSN stands for Republic of Singapore Navy i think, or something along those lines, so i'm a sailor boy now! i dont think im allowed to blog much about my army life, so i won't in fear of the men in black/white/purple/green coming down to kick my ass for posting restricted stuff on my blog. due to an extreme lack of creativity, i have nothing else to blog about right now, even though i havent updated this blog since about 6 months ago.

    oh, and the RJ vending machine kicking girl is finally no longer in the middle of my blog who i get to see everytime i open my blog in the hope that i updated it subconsciously in my sleep.

    ps. i am an attention freak, so everyone who reads this blog, please inform everyone you know to read this blog and tag too so that i can get the satisfaction of knowing i am polluting more people with my inane thoughts

    pehpeh at 5:02 PM

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    LOL <(^^,)> by basshunter, best album title ever

    pehpeh at 10:08 AM

    so long without blogging, and still nothing to blog about. says tons about my life and my creativity. to attempt to keep this blog somewhat alive, here's a token entry with a quiz i koped from dings' blog. i know everyone wants to know more about me anyway ;)

    1. how old do you wish you were?
    15 or 16, old enough to have fun but not old enough for too much responsbility

    2. where were you when 9/11 happened?
    i remember playing CS with 987 on the radio in the background and jean danka going crazy

    3. what do you do when vending machines steal your money?

    btw i have no idea who this girl is or why this photo is in my received files, anyone who knows who this girl is plz tell me

    4. do you consider yourself kind?
    omg kinder bueno

    5. if you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
    the back of my hand. dunno why but i always wanted some super cool logo there

    6. if you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
    french, because its such an elegant language for swearing in

    7. do you know your neighbours?
    no, we just got new ones again

    8. what do you consider a vacation?
    vacation in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT

    9. do you follow your horoscope?
    as in what?? do i read my horoscope daily or do i try and do what my horoscope tells me to do?? anyway neither

    10. would you move for the person you love?
    no, because love is love and distance doesnt matter. anyway absence makes the heart grow fonder ;)

    11. are you touchy feely?

    12. do you believe that opposites attract?
    north poles and south poles of magnets attract. nature is trying to tell us something

    13. dream job?
    columnist. you don't have to be coherent, you don't have to be logical, you can flame everybody and everybody treats your column as if its the holy word of god just because its in print

    14. favourite tv channels?
    10 - Animal Planet
    11 - National Geographic
    12 - Discovery Channel
    22 - Supersports
    23 - ESPN
    24 - Star Sports
    51 - Chinese MTV

    15. favourite place to go on weekends?
    azeroth, in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT

    16. showers or baths?
    i don't have a bathtub, so showers. but i always wanted to soak in a tub for a long time.

    17. do you paint your nails?
    in soviet singapore, my nails paint me

    18. do you trust people easily?
    good question. sex is the answer.

    19. what are your phobias?

    20. do you want kids?
    i pity the poor girl who has to make them for me

    21. do you keep a handwritten journal?
    i have a typewritten journal albeit a lousy one that never gets updated

    22. where would you rather be now?

    23. who makes you warm and fuzzy?
    secrets will be secrets. as of today, only 1 person, and he/she knows who he/she is. if you don't know, its not you. =p

    24. heavy or light sleeper?

    25. are you paranoid?
    Increases Stealth Detection. Anyway i probably am.

    26. are you impatient?
    it depends. if you are a great looking girl and you are late because you're spending 1 hour making yourself look even greater for our date i can be very very patient. if not FUCK YOU.

    27. who can you relate to?
    i'm currently related to my entire family

    28. how do you feel about interracial couples?
    peranakan food is great

    29. have you been burned by love?
    burned is too mild. incinerated comes closer.

    30. what's your pick-up line?
    hi, my name's randy. thats more then enough for any girl to fall in <3.

    31. what's your main ringtone on your mobile?
    i have no idea, i've never turned it off silent

    32. what were you doing at midnight last night?
    lost in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT

    33. what did the last text on your mobile say?
    Wai Leong : omg can ask dem dun bid glove, i dc

    34. whose bed did you sleep in last night?
    no one's, i didn't sleep last night, i slept at 6am this morning and im awake at 9 fucking thirty thanks to some retards drilling over my block

    35. what colour shirt are you wearing?

    36. most recent movie you watched?
    the departed

    37. name three things you have on at all times.
    my computer, my handphone, and some glowy orange rock lamp in my room

    38. what colour are your bedsheets?
    my bedsheets are really gay, they are blue and yellow with blue and yellow polka dots right now...

    39. how much cash do you have right now?
    30 dollars, T_T

    40. what's your favourite part of the chicken?
    chickens are stupid animals...

    41. what's your favourite town/city?
    stormwind city, in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT

    42. i can't wait till:
    i get my dream bachelor's pad built

    43. what did you have for dinner last night?
    fried rice

    44. how tall are you barefoot?

    45. do you own a gun?
    lol the toy 1 from the RI grad night awyeah

    46. what do you prefer to drink in the morning?
    i'm not usually awake in the morning

    47. where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
    see the janitor cleaning your building mr. / ms. CEO rafflesian? yup that's me.

    48. last thing you ate?
    some girl guide cookies that are chocolate covered with peppermint cream in the middle.

    49. what songs do you sing in the shower?
    Running water - Showerhead

    50. last thing that made you laugh?
    my sister walking into the door on the way out

    51. worst injury you ever had?
    fractured my wrist

    52. does someone have a crush on you?
    if you do, please tell me. i won't laugh at you. promise!!

    53. what's your favourite candy?
    those after 8 peppermints

    54. what song do you want played at your funeral?
    Precious Days - I Wish

    55. eight people to do this?
    why limit yourself to 8? EVERYBODY WHO READS MY BLOG PLEASE DO IT.

    pehpeh at 9:29 AM

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    i haven't posted bash quotes for a long time, but this deserves a place of honour

    blotch: heres a cool office trick
    blotch: unscrew the speaker part of your coworkers phone and throw in a roll of quarters and seal it back up
    blotch: then after about 2 months of them being used to the weight remove the coins when they're away
    blotch: and watch them lift the phone the next time someone calls and bash themselves in the face

    pehpeh at 2:41 AM

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    Alevels are coming, and for all my supposed proclamations of enlightenedness on the fallacies of our education system, I'm still worried. Brainwashing apparently has a fairly permanent effect.

    Signs you are worried about the A levels:

    1) You think skipping school is beneficial because you can get more studying done out of school, when in reality skipping school is only beneficial because you can do other things such as WoW.

    2) You begin interrogating all your friends about how much work they have done and start panicking when you only have done 2 times as much work as they have

    3) All you have as a conversation topic with most people is "omg do you know how to do question J85 / I / 92(a)" or "sian i wish A's were over" "yah me too" and then the conversation dies out and the two of you continue mugging

    4) You are tempted to try polyphasic sleeping to try and get 5 more hours of studying time everyday

    5) You begin looking for your entry proof (fuck i can't find mine)

    If you fulfill
    5 : You have attained the highest level of brainwashedness, to the extent that even the whereabouts of your entry proof is bleached / narutoed from your brain
    4 : You know where your entry proof is
    3 : Well on the path to enlightenment, balance play and slacking, and you'll be there soon!
    2 : Happiness is but 2 steps and 5 weeks away for you
    1 : You don't want to be sent to the office to get a new entry proof but otherwise you have attained enlightenment
    0 : You are an enlightened rebel, future generations of slackers will sing your name in praise and graffiti it onto the back of the LT

    pehpeh at 2:39 AM

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    if your studies got fucked before, there is no sense studying to try and save it. this is equivalent to screwing a girl, and eating tons of viagra to try and make her a virgin again. screwing the girl is like the exam, and eating tons of viagra supposedly helps you perform better, the same way studying helps u supposedly perform better in your exams. the girl isn't going to become a virgin again. your studies aren't going to become unfucked. stop wasting your time, everybody.

    - Pehpeh's First Law of Studynamics.

    pehpeh at 12:00 AM

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    hihi, emo entry coming up, for those of you who have a sufficiently emo life, you can skip this entry!

    there are quite a few topics I want to emo about.

    First and foremost, school! School makes me want to play Connect 4 with my wrist as the paper and a blunt penknife as a pen. Attending school right now is the mental equivalent of watching grass grow. About the most productive thing I do in class is breath oxygen and make carbon dioxide for the plants in our school. I probably learn more about A level subjects staying at home playing WoW then I do attending school. The worst part is that our beloved chemistry teacher cannot accept that I can actually be productive outside school, and also cannot accept that I am a vegetable in school, and INSISTS I come to school.

    Emo rating : 10/10

    Second, my sleep schedule. My polyphasic sleeping schedule was working out fine UNTIL one day, I had to WoW for 8 hours on end, which led to me missing two naps and collapsing dead after that and sleeping for 4 hours on end. Now my body clock is more scrambled then mahjong tiles and I have no idea when to sleep and when not to because when I try to, I'm not tired enough and when I'm tired enough its way too hard to get up, or I'll just sleep through the 3 alarms ringing in my room.

    Emo rating : 6/10
    I can probably find some way to get around this its just damn irritating now.

    Third, studying for the A levels. Studying in general is retarded, but when you try to dress it up nicely with a reason and people feel OBLIGED to study, or worse, they feel they SHOULD study, that becomes even more retarded. If studying was supposed to better yourself so much, it should be self-evident to everyone that doing it would be in their own self-interest. If people feel its an obligation or anything like that, obviously they hate studying, they're just doing it because everyone else is doing it or because they think it might help them in the future and so they might as well suffer now to enjoy the rewards later. Let me introduce you to pehpeh's reality check. The reality check says regardless of how much you study now, unless you happen to be 1) one of the smartest people in Singapore (if you are you wouldn't be reading this trash anyway) or 2) really really lucky, you aren't going to enjoy a glorious future where you live in a mansion and are super rich etc. Regardless of your education, you are most likely going to end up living in a HDB flat, or a condo, slogging your way through a job you will likely hate, or will grow to hate. For this, you waste your childhood with your nose buried in books??? Sounds great, let me do it too!

    Emo rating 10/10

    In less emo issues, I want to watch the new Jackie Chan movie, I think its called Rob-b-ie Hood or something like that, no idea. And also, hi bonks, thanks for tagging!!!

    pehpeh at 8:50 PM

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